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Month: January 2017

8 practice steps to help you become a qualified Python web developer

The best way to level up your programming skill is keeping coding. Doing much coding practice will deepen a beginner’s understanding for¬†Python syntax and most commonly used algorithms. ¬†According to my experience, I summarized 8 steps to do much efficient practice which will guide you to become a qualified Python web developer.

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4 tutorials help you master essentials of Git and GitHub quickly

As GitHub is beeing more and more popular among programmers. Github has become coders’ Facebook. It’s not only a tool to host projects and collaborate but also a friendly community which they can build, learn and network. That’s the reason why it’s so important to master GitHub.

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3 Top rated python programming books for total beginners in 2016

Python is a recommended language to learn how to code. The syntax of python is simple and easy to understand. A good tutorial or book will guide you to learn faster and experience the joy of coding. Here I list three top rated python books online for beginners, hope you like them.

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Kick GoDaddy out, hug DigitalOcean closely!

I am totally crushed by GoDaddy host service. I wasted a whole day from night to day to set up my WordPress blog. But I didn’t succeed in the end. The service is extremely slow and buggy.

Never gonna use GoDaddy again!

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